Subaru Impreza RB320oc Owners Club RB320

About Us

The Club
Co-founded by Mark Chamberlain (chairman of RB5 Owners’ Clubs) & Paul Hooker (IT/webmaster of RB5 Owners’ Club) - the RB320 Owners Club was launched in November 2006 following the official announcement of the RB320 Special Edition

The website/forums were quickly setup, enabling the club to reach out to the lucky people who put a deposit down on a RB320 and offer updates, information & news on the RB320.
With a rapidly growing community we offer everything the owner and enthusiast could ask for along with a comprehensive Technical Handbook and Gallery of RB320's.

Completing the team are Norm, Trystan, Lee, Ian & Rob who are RB320 owners & club members that wanted more involvement in the club. Together they help moderate the forums, run the important RB320 Registry, organise events and merchandising for the club.
The Owners’ Club is open to all RB320 owners, joining the forum is free where discussions cover everything from solving technical problems to arranging club meets and social events. We do it all!!

Club Events
The club consists of members from every corner of the U.K. so we depend largely on the number of members that are able to attend events but we work closely with other Subaru clubs so our cars & club stand are able to attend as many events as possible throughout the year. The RB5 and R320 Owners’ Clubs work closely together, to provide impressive displays of the two models built to commemorate the late Richard Burns.
We also work very closely with the Richard Burns Foundation and raising money for the charity.