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What is the Subaru AWD?

The value of the mechanism called Subaru AWD is recognised by the World.

Subaru AWD combines a longitudinally mounted Horizontally-Opposed Engine and totally symmetrical drivetrain layout. Subaru has long championed this unique system, to deliver the perfect balance of enjoyable, safe driving. It also made us the first Japanese marque to take the WRC (World Rally Championship) manufacturer's championship three years in succession. It's a hallmark of the brand, beginning with the Legacy, which has been proven, recognized and praised in countries around the world. This is because Subaru technologies provide the true values that everyone looks for in a vehicle.

A system for pure driving pleasure.

The balanced combination of an all-aluminium lightweight, compact, low centre of gravity Horizontally-Opposed Engine, AWD and longitudinally symmetrical layout is made for driving satisfaction. By locating heavy components such as the transmission between front and rear wheels, ideal weight distribution can be achieved. Superbly balanced handling is the result - which means every driver can make the most of Subaru performance and secure handling, whatever the speed and under any road conditions.

Subaru and the pursuit of safety.

Effective performance should always be safe performance. That's what makes Subaru such a joy to drive. Superb handling and the inherent stability of AWD make accident avoidance a priority. But even in the event of an unavoidable collision, the straight frame construction and longitudinally mounted engine effectively absorb impacts. In fact, the engine itself is designed to be pushed back underneath the floor pan to minimize any damage inside the cabin. Overall active and passive safety have been covered from every possible angle, to make sure you and your passengers travel safer and more confidently in a Subaru.

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Richard Burns

Subaru rally legend, Richard Burns Britain's only FIA World Rally Champion died in November 2005 of brain cancer at the age of 34.

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RB320 Features

  • 6,000 of extra equipment
  • 320PS/450Nm Prodrive tuned
  • build limited to 320 units
  • finished in Obsidian Black
  • bespoke 18" alloy wheels
  • unique numbered tax disc holder
  • Prodrive tuned suspension system with Bilstein dampers, Eibach springs & rear ARB
  • lowered ride height
  • polished s/steel mesh front grille
  • STI front lip spoiler
  • STI quickshift gearchange
  • STI side sill plates
  • RB branded gear knob
  • RB branded car mats
  • RB exterior badging
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